Maria Ozawa: Japan will overcome hardships

By Jojo Malig,
Posted at 03/14/2011 8:04 PM | Updated as of 03/14/2011 8:11 PM 

MANILA, Philippines - Fans of Japanese porn actress Maria Ozawa need not worry.

The Hokkaido-born Japanese-French-Canadian adult video (AV) actress said Monday in her Twitter account that she survived the magnitude-9 earthquake and tsunami in the country.

Writing in Kanji, Ozawa said she was fine and is in a “camp with team members.”

However, she did not say exactly where she is, according to aggregation website Daily News Global, which monitored her tweets.

The 25-year-old Ozawa, who also has a personal blog, remained rosy on Japan’s future amid the disaster. 

"We as Japanese people can overcome these hardships #PrayForJapan," she said in English.

"When you walk through a storm. Hold your head up high. And don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end of a storm is a golden sky #PrayForJapan," she added.

Ozawa also thanked her fans for praying for her country. 

"Thanks for supporting #PrayForJapan i love you forever and ever! guys ^^" 

The 25-year-old actress made her AV debut in 2005 and has since appeared in dozens of porn videos.

She is popular in many parts of Asia, including the Philippines and Muslim-majority Indonesia.

According to Yahoo!, microblogging site Twitter was flooded with questions from Indonesians regarding Ozawa’s well-being after the massive earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.

Another popular Japanese AV actress, Sola Aoi, also apparently survived the disaster, based on her latest tweets and blog posts


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